Download or Backup Instagram Photos & Videos With Single Click

By Tech Bobber - Friday, January 27, 2017 6 Comments
Want to backup Instagram profile or download photos? Just follow this post for the awesome trick to download any Instagram photo or video. In Instagram, we can't download any picture. So, here's the four methods to download or save pics and videos. 

Four Methods To Download/Backup/Save Instagram Pictures:

1st Method:

For this approach, you need an android application to download. InstaSave is one of the free android app to get back up any Instagram Profile. Download and Install this app, After installing open InstaSave and there you will "Open Instagram" and it\s redirected to main Instagram account. Now just open any profile, click on "Copy Url, " and it automatically download's the picture. But, the worst part of this application is full of ads. And also there is an another app with the same name by using that app you can download.

2nd Method:

For this method, you need a software to download the whole gallery of any Instagram profile. 4k Stogram is one of the best software to save all photos by one click. Or even you can select manually which pic's you want. Just install the software, after that, you need to login your account in the browser and copy any profile URL and paste into that software search bar. It takes time to fetch the "URL, " and then you can see the gallery.And also there is an another app with the same name by using that app you can download.

3rd Method:

By this method, you can save photos by using your browser itself. Just visit Instaport where you need just to enter the "Profile URL" then continue to download photos. It will get downloaded in the .zip format just you need to extract the file, and you're done.

4th Method:

This is one of the typical process, mean to say all manual work. Just by the Instagram account, you need to the right click and inspect element in that picture. And you will find the "URL" by clicking on that code. Copy the URL and paste in the new tab. Right click and save it. Fully manual method and time-consuming. 
Inspect Element

All the above are the best and working methods to download the photos. Please share with your friends and comment down if you know any way.


6 comments to ''Download or Backup Instagram Photos & Videos With Single Click"

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