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Get Aircel UPC Code and Port To Any Network

- Sunday, March 11, 2018 No Comments
As we know, Aircel is shutting its services in India, In many states are already Aircel Networks are down. Even the aircel customer service centres are off and their is no intimation to customers about shutting down. If you're number is up then port to any other network before it get down. So, here's the complete tutorial to get UPC Code (Unique Porting Code) even after the network is down.

And even we have the complete list of numbers by state wise to get the UPC code.  Also we have first two digits of UPC code.

Port Aircel To Any Other Network:

Things to Need : 

*Any other working Operator to call Aircel customer care.
*Aircel SIM Card ( Unique ID Number) or ICCID number.
*Device Info App from play store ( If you don't find the ID number on SIM).

Method : 1

Steps To Get UPC Code: 

1. Visit link

2. You will get the two options like Mobile number and SIM number last five digit.

3. Just enter the numbers as follows.

4. Submit! you will get the code.

5. Here you done!

Method : 2

Steps To Get UPC Code: 

1. First note down the ICCID number or Unique ID from SIM.

2. If you don't find the ID, then download the Device Info from Google play store. Install the application and Open and go to SIM information. Where you can find the ICCID number. Just note down the last five digit number.

3. Now Dial "9700012345" (For Hyderabad or Telangana User's) from any other working operator.

4. After Dialling, choose the required language and select as Aircel user and you will find get UPC option.

5. After selecting UPC code option, Just enter you're mobile number and last 5 digit number of Unique ID.

6. Now note down the porting number.

7. Here you done!

How to Port to Any Other Network:

* Note down the porting code.

* Visit the nearest mobile store.

* Buy any SIM and tell you're UPC code.

* Adhaar card proof and you're finger print.

* Here you done!

Working Mobile Numbers According to the State : 

Andhra Pradesh : 9700012345

Bihar & jharkhand : 9852012345

Delhi : 9716012345

Andhra Pradesh : 9700012345

Assam : 9854012345

Kolkatta : 9804012345

Mumbai : 9768012345

Orrisa : 9856012345

Punjab : 9803012345

Uttar Pradesh : 9808012345

Tamil naidu : 9750999209 /9551299210

Chennai : 98410 12345

Haryana : 9802012345

Himachal Pradesh : 9857012345

West Bengal : 9851012345

Karnataka : 9738012345

Kerala : 9809012345

Madhya Pradesh : 9806012345

Maharashtra : 9762012345

First Two Digits of UPC Code : 

FAQ : 

* As servers are busy, try in night time.

* In method 2, most of the time you will get mobile disconnected after entering mobile number and sim number.

* In Method 1, also website get timeout or slowly loads.

* Five days need to get activate you're SIM.

* Still facing any issues please comment down will help you out. 


Above is the complete tutorial to get the UPC. Please the share this information with you're friends and if you face any issues, feel free to comment down will try our best to solve you're concern.